The ALS app offers you anytime, anywhere support in the treatment, care and research of ALS. In the app you will find bundled information about your disease course and practical features for your care. Listen to the informative ALS podcast and receive news about ALS quickly and reliably.

The functions of the app are presented to you here. Click on the function that interests you. This way you will be informed about it in a targeted manner.

ALS Functional Scale
With the ALS functional scale, the course of the disease is displayed in a comprehensible way.
Progress marker Nf-L
The nerve cell-specific protein Nf-L is displayed as a progression marker of ALS in the app.
Vital signs
Course of important vital parameters for nutrition and respiration
Progression variant
The progression of ALS can be assessed based on the variants of progression.
Support and transparency in the provision of assistive devices and medications.
Scan and Photos
A scan and photo feature is designed to improve the provision of assistive devices and medications.
For orientation, the app offers a chronicle of the phases of the disease based on King's stages.
News and Podcast
Read and listen to news and talk from experts on ALS.
Speech and mimic analysis
Analysis of speech and facial expressions to evaluate the course of the disease