Display of the progress marker Nf-L (neurofilament light chain)

The function can be used for patients who are participating in the Nf-L-ALS study and Ambulanzpartner at the same time. Parallel participation in Ambulanzpartner is necessary for the notification of results, as the ALS app is not a formal component of the "Nf-L in ALS" study.

How are the Nf-L analysis results presented?

The Nf-L analysis results are shown in a diagram in the Outpatient Portal and in the ALS App. In the ALS app, the Nf-L diagram is located on the "History" page - below the ALSFRS history diagram. The Nf-L analysis is not carried out continuously as in a "routine laboratory", but as part of a scientific project. For this purpose, samples from different ALS centres are collected ("pooling") and thus analysed with a delay. After completion of the analysis and data processing, the data for those patients who have a declaration of consent for outpatients is displayed in the ALS app.

What should I bear in mind when notifying NF-L results?

For patients participating in the ALS-Nf-L study, an expert medical interpretation of the findings is indispensable due to the open research questions. Various medical factors must be taken into account. The assessment of the Nf-L value thus takes place in personal doctor-patient contact in an Nf-L study centre.

ALS-App: Nf-L progression diagram

ALS-App NFL-Verlaufsdiagramm

Nf-L diagram

The Nf-L diagram in the ALS app. The normal range of Nf-L serum concentrations is shown in colour (light blue). The steps in the normal range result from the age-dependent increase in Nf-L serum concentrations. The level of the Nf-L serum concentration (in picograms per millilitre, pg/mL) can be read from the left scale

ALS-App Nf-L alterabhängig

Age-dependent normal range

Nf-L can also be detected at lower concentrations in healthy people. However, in the course of life - even in healthy people - the Nf-L level increases. The normal range of Nf-L serum concentrations is described in the information text behind the ? symbol.