About Us


The notion of founding Ambulanzpartner Soziotechnologie APST GmbH (APST) was formed by Professor Thomas Meyer und Professor Christoph Münch at the Charité, Berlin, in 2009. Both neurologists, they work at a Charité outpatient department attending to patients with severe neurological disorders, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A major hindrance in their daily routine activities with outpatients used to be the lack of coordination between physicians, therapists, medicinal products and health care services which made their endeavors less successful than desired.

To counter this deficit, APST was initiated. This novel outpatient care coordination service has been operating since 2010. Physicians, therapists, scientists, and IT specialists subsequently went about developing the APST internet portal Ambulanzpartner.de. In March 2011, Ambulanzpartner.de was finally launched and has been subject to continuous agile development ever since.

About APST

APST offers patients a network for the coordinated provision of therapies, assistive technology devices, nutritional support, medication as well as nursing care. APST links case management with an internet portal. Ambulanzpartner.de serves as an “electronic patient record (EPR)”, “management platform” and “rating portal” liaising between patients/relatives, physicians, pharmacists, medicinal supply and equipment stores, therapists and other care partners and making visible all of the care processes. Case management is designed to make the provision of care easier and prevent insufficiency in care provision.