APST was short-listed for the 2018 Health Care Networkers Award. The six members of the jury short-listed 13 projects out of a total of 32 nominee institutions. The common factor shared by all of these projects is the utilization of the whole range of analogous, digital and hybrid innovation for enhanced health care provision.
The winners were announced at the Health Care Networkers Congress on April 24, 2018. To view all the information on the congress and the short-listed projects, please visit:

At the 2014 German Neurological Association Annual Congress (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie, DGN) in Munich, the DGN Poster Award in the category ‘Motor Neuron and Muscular Diseases’ was awarded to a consortium of university hospital-based ALS outpatient departments and APST. The Science Award went to the submission ‘Provision of Assistive Technology Devices in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – An Analysis of 3 Years of Managed Care’ that had evolved from a long-standing cooperation between the ALS outpatient departments at the university hospitals of Bochum, Berlin, Jena, and Hanover and APST. The expert jury was convinced by the comprehensive and state-of-the-art data base for Internet-based care provision in ALS. These data demonstrate for the first time the striking differences in the quality of ALS care provision among the various health insurance companies in Germany.


The APST team thought it was a real treat to be awarded the 2011 Innovation Award for groundbreaking developments in Information Technology (E-Health Innovation) at the end of a highly successful formative year. The prize, jointly presented by Humboldt University Berlin, Free University Berlin, and Xinnovation e.V. was given in acknowledgement of the portal’s innovative power.