Care Research Seal

Care research conducted under real-life conditions

The APST care research seal marks companies, medical practices and persons participating in research into patient care using their own patient base. At that, certain scientific, data privacy and publication criteria must be adhered to.

Care research and APST

The members of the APST network pursue a dual approach. Provided patients have given their informed consent, the data generated in the context of managed care are utilized for the systematic analysis of care processes. The “dual effect” of the digitalization of care data on our internet portal entails immediate application of the data in the coordination of patient care needs and the exploitation of “routine data” for research purposes.

Illustration Siegel für Versorgungsforschung

A network of research institutions, university hospitals and specialized medical practices cooperates with APST in research into patient care and health care. Current care provisions and treatments contemplated in the context of real-life settings are followed and analyzed.

The following issues are examples of subjects of our care research:

  • the quality of the provision of assistive technology devices, therapeutics and medication
  • the benefit to be gained from new emerging treatments for people with severe neurological diseases
  • the correct administration of new emerging treatments
  • differences in care provision among health insurance companies
  • reginal differences in care provision

The care research seal

The APST care research seal is awarded to parties participating in our health system research aiming at making medical care more transparent and fit for the future.

Our care partners may display the seal on their respective websites. The seal shows current patient rating data. A links redirects you to where structured patient rating data and diagnoses for the patients we care for are illustrated. This function enables companies and medical practices to publish on their websites the quality and specialization of the care they provide. The respective care partner is thus recognized by the entire network and their scientific environment for their contribution to enhanced patient care.

The care research seal has a responsive design allowing for its integration in horizontal or vertical format via an iframe. The link works accordingly. If you are interested, please order your iframe code for your website and/or ask for further information:

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