“APST takes care of everything else."

"My husband and my daughter look after me before and after work. APST now takes care of everything else, i.e., they contact the medical equipment and supply store and the health insurance company; they lead negotiations on my behalf and according to my needs. They offer me advice, either at my home or via the telephone."

Roswitha S., participant Ambulanzpartner

"Mindful and friendly attention given to all of our queries.”

""Their work and help in the provision of health care and assistive technology devices: We have always been given mindful and friendly attention whenever we had a query in connection with this severe disease. They also dealt with pharmacies and medical equipment and supply stores, all of which alleviated my wife’s suffering quite substantially. I know what I am talking about as we had previously had some outrageous experiences, in both in-patient and outpatient settings.”

Manfred K., relative and participant APST

"Warmth and cordiality, support and help.”

"Many thanks for your warmth and cordiality, support and help extended to my wife and me."

Wolfgang B., relative and participant APST

"The coordinators were decent and always put in a great effort.”

“My husband and I felt well looked after with APST. All the other things that went with it worked really well, such as the provision of medication or assistive technology devices. Let’s not forget to mention the coordinators: they were always decent and put in a great effort.”

Gerda E., relative and participant APST

"We always felt we were in good hands.”

"We always felt we were in good hands with APST during these short but intense times. APST delivers good and important work. Keep up the good work! We hope that APST will continue to help and assist other people afflicted with disease just as they helped us.”.

Annett S., participant APST

"Thanks to your support we were given another five years with our mother.”

"Let us take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care and advice we received. Your support helped us a lot, and so we were given another five years to spend with our mother. My family and I would like to wish you the very best of luck and much success for the future.”

Gabriele S., relative and participant APST

"An important step in planning post-hospital care.”

"The APST care network unites many different care areas, and they all work hand in hand. Participants may view all the necessary information online which facilitates optimum coordination of patient care. Delivering post-hospital care to meet the patients’ needs, i.e., to provide them with therapeutics and assistive devices technology, is crucial.”

Anke Jakisch, Social Services Manager, Median Clinic

"Similar to emergency treatment in hospitals, patients now benefit from shared treatment strategies.”

"Joining the services of providers of therapeutics and assistive technology devices and other medical providers accelerates the delivery of therapeutic care to patients at all needs levels. Patients and their respective care partners cooperate as an interdisciplinary team in the coordination of their care needs and goals. Similar to emergency treatment administered in hospitals, patients now benefit from shared treatment strategies."

Gregor Moeck, Ergopunkt.Berlin GmbH, Practice for Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy