Medical Research

We conduct research into patient care for the development and optimization of medicinal products, medicines, treatment paths and care concepts. Our care research is conducted and applied in the following fields of research and development:

  • assistive technology devices, i.e., rehabilitation technology, mobility and communication aids as well as exoskeletal training and robotics
  • medicines, i.e. symptomatic and palliative medication as well as medication, the benefits assessment for which are yet to be quantified
  • nutrition care, i.e., enteral or parenteral nutrition therapy
  • therapeutics provision, i.e., physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy

The APST care portal is a digital research platform facilitating the systematic acquisition, recording and processing of care data and self-rating data (“Patient Reported Outcomes, PRO“).

Care research generates multiple benefits for all the key players involved:

Benefits for patients

  • increased patient empowerment by including patient rating tools in patient care innovations
  • more active patient role in the development and optimization of medicinal products, medication and treatment paths

Benefits for sponsors/ contracting entities (universities, manufacturers of medicinal products or medicines)

  • utilization of the existing digital and personal infrastructure (e.g., data acquisition and patient interviews) for care research
  • target group orientation and efficiency in the digital communication of care research results via the APST platform (networking with patients and medical partners)

Benefits for medical partners and care partners

  • enhancement of personal competencies evolving from care research results (e.g., patient ratings)
  • options for publishing for academic institutions

APST Register Study

The APST register study is a scientific study in which the provision of assistive technology devices and therapeutics as well as drug therapies in people with neurological diseases are captured and analyzed. “Register study” is the term denominating the systematic capturing and scientific evaluation of medical care. This register study is performed across various clinics, outpatient departments and specialized medical practices in Germany whose focus is on patients with chronic neurological diseases.

The study is performed from 2011-2025. The study register captures the treatments administered in more than 20.000 patients presenting with various neurological diseases.

Medical Research Publications

The publications with and about outpatient partners reflect the diverse research projects and care topics of our network. Current issues in the care of people with rare neurological diseases are covered as well as innovative therapies and digital medicine.

You can find an overview of our publications on the page Publikationen.

All publications are available for download as PDF files. If you have any questions, please write to us: