Scan and upload prescriptions for medicines

In the ALS Pharmacy Programme ( care is supported with a new scan and upload function for prescriptions in the ALS app. With the scan and upload function, users of the ALS app can scan the classic (paper) prescription with the app and upload it to their patient account. The scan of the prescription is then used for the supply of the medication by a pharmacy in the ALS pharmacy programme. The new function is intended to improve the specialised supply of medication from home.

With a few simple steps, scanning a prescription is done via the ALS app. The new function is located on the "Supply" page in the "My Supply" area. Please click on the menu item "My Uploads" here. After clicking, the "My Uploads" page opens.

On the "My Uploads" page, please select the "Add Recipe" button. The "Add Recipe" page opens and you scan your recipe with the camera of your smartphone. Once you have captured the recipe well, click on the black button at the bottom of the screen. This creates the scan of the recipe and displays it to you. If the recipe scan is successful, click on the "Upload" button. This will upload the scan of the prescription to your patient account on the Outpatient Partner Supply Portal. Your pharmacy in the ALS pharmacy programme is automatically informed of the new prescription upload and can start supplying it.

ALS-App: Scan and upload function

Neue Versorgungsanfrage Hilfsmittel

ALS App with the page Supply, the area "My Supply" and the menu item "My Uploads". Clicking on the menu item "My Uploads" opens the "My Uploads" page for scanning and uploading recipes.

ALS-App Meine Uploads Auswahlmöglichkeiten

ALS app with the "My Uploads" page. You can use the three selection options to choose whether you want to upload a prescription, a doctor's letter or a photo of your assistive device or living environment to your patient account on the Ambulanzpartner web portal.

Supply management of medicines

The prescription scan will be processed by your specialist pharmacy. For further care, your pharmacy and/or case management will contact you by email or phone.
For supply purposes, it is important to know that prescription drugs prescribed on a paper prescription may only be dispensed by the pharmacy upon presentation of the original prescription. Therefore, after scanning and uploading, please send your paper prescription to your pharmacy by post. You can use a postage-paid envelope for this purpose, which you will receive from your pharmacy. As soon as your prescription arrives at the pharmacy, the medication will be sent to your address immediately.

ALS-App: Scan and upload function for recipes

Phone Rezept hinzufügen

ALS app with scan function. The recipe is recorded with the scan function.

phone Rezept hochladen

After scanning, the prescription can be uploaded to the patient account on the Ambulanzpartner web portal.

phone Rezept wurde hochgeladen

After uploading the prescription scan, the message about the successful upload to the patient account appears on the Ambulanzpartner web portal.