Chronicle of the disease

People with ALS go through different phases of the disease. The ALS app offers a chronicle of the course of the disease for the orientation of those affected and their relatives. In the chronicle, the phases of ALS are divided into phases 1 to 4 and displayed using King's staging (developed at King's College in London). The users have the possibility to inform themselves about suitable support services in the phases. The individual King's Phase is determined by the values in the ALS Functional Scale (ALSFRS questionnaire). An exemplary description of King's Phase 1 in the ALS app:

Evaluation and assessment phase (King's Phase 1):

After being diagnosed with ALS, those affected and their relatives often find themselves in a phase of searching for orientation. Offers to evaluate the disease and to find out about treatment and support options can help in this phase. These offers are intended to support the development of a perspective for the future.

King's Phase 1 contains links to various offers for the individual information needs of the person with the disease and their relatives. These include the programme for the analysis of the biomarker Nf-L as a progression marker of ALS, a study for the identification of genetic changes (genetics of ALS) and an overview of current drug studies. For relatives, the link to a network for relatives can be helpful. Contact with other relatives offers guidance in the new everyday life with the disease.

ALS App Tutorial: Chronicle of the disease

ALS-App Chronik der Erkrankung

Chronicle of ALS

On the History page you will find a chronicle. The chronicle shows the dates of onset of the disease, diagnosis and the four phases of ALS in chronological order.

ALS-App King´s stage 1

Disease phase King's phase 1

The chronicle offers a brief description of the disease phases 1 to 4, here using King's phase 1 as an example.

ALS-App King´s Phase 1 Angebote

Offer for the phases of illness

In the phases of the disease (King's phases 1 to 4), suitable offers of support are suggested for those affected and their relatives.