For easy and structured information about ALS news, the ALS app contains an automatic news history. You can find the news history in the News section on the app's homepage. The main content of the news flow comes from the website of the ALS outpatient clinic of the Charité. The news history gives you the opportunity to quickly read up on certain topics or to go into more depth.


The ALS podcast is integrated into the ALS app. The podcast provides people with ALS and their relatives as well as other affected and interested people with up-to-date information on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Prof. Dr. Thomas Meyer discusses important and pressing questions about research and treatment as well as living with ALS together with guests.

ALS-App: News and ALS Podcast

ALS-App Startseite

ALS news

On the home page you will find the entry point to the latest news on ALS.

ALS-App Aktuelle Nachrichten zur ALS

Topics for people with ALS

The news is oriented towards the frequent questions of people with ALS about the clinical picture, research, treatment and care.

ALS-App mit ALS-Podcast

ALS Podcast

The ALS Podcaast offers talks with experts on the clinical picture, research, treatment and care of ALS.