ALS-App: provision of assistive technology devices and medicines despite pandemic measures

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The ongoing pandemic situation and the measures associated with it also make outpatient care more difficult.

The ALS app offers people with ALS the possibility to communicate online the need for care for assistive technology devices (ATD) and medication. Care processes can be initiated contact-free from the patient’s smartphone or tablet.

This does not affect the possibility of communicating the need for care via our service telephone.

Digital support for the provison of ATD

To report a need for care for ATD via the ALS app, log in to the app with your user name and password. In the app, open the page for notifying a need for care.

For a quick explanation of the notification of a need for ATD via the ALS app we have created the following video:

After a need is communicated via the ALS app, the need for ATD is first processed by our case managers. From there, the notification of need is sent to your special outpatient clinic or main practice. There the need for care is medically checked. Afterwards the need for ATD is forwarded to a suitable medical supply store. The medical supply store then contacts the patient by telephone, SMS or email and, depending on the need for care, arranges a trial date or the immediate delivery of the required aids.

Protection against infection in the supply of ATD

There is a strong awareness among all care partners in the outpatient care network that many patients with neuromuscular diseases belong to the risk group of the COVID 19 pandemic. A survey among our network partners in April this year showed that appropriate protective measures are reliably taken into account.

Digital support for the supply of medication

Using the ALS app for your medication needs is preferably suitable for the continuation of existing medication. However, a new need for neurological medication or a request for advice on an existing medication can also be reported. Then a double check is carried out: by the doctor and the pharmacist in a network outpatient clinic or pharmacy. This ensures that the necessary supply of medication can be guaranteed from home.

For a quick understanding of the use of the ALS-App in the supply of medication we have created an explanatory video:

Help and contact

If you have any questions regarding technical support for the registration and use of the ALS App and the APST Supply Platform, you can contact our App Manager. Friedrich Schaudinn
Mobile: 0170-5564502

It is also possible to communicate supply requirements by telephone via our service telephone (from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., followed by an answering machine):

service telephone: 030-81031410