High Patient Safety against Corona Virus in the Care Network

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In order to prevent transmission of the corona virus and disease from Covid-19, it is useful to develop and implement prevention concepts in all areas of care. This is especially true for the care of people with complex neurological diseases.

Since little is known about the preventive measures taken by providers and therapists, we have conducted a survey among our network partners regarding the measures they have taken to protect themselves against infection with the corona virus. This online survey of 20 April 2020 was addressed to all therapy practices and medical supply stores in our network and served to record the protective measures taken in contact with patients.

106 therapists and employees of medical supply stores took part in the survey on 20.04.2020, which is why we now have an exact picture of the measures taken. It shows that our partners have reacted consistently to the particular risk of infection with the corona virus and take this into account in the care and treatment of patients. The results of the survey are as follows. Figure: Answers to the question ‘Do you wear a respiratory mask in contact with patients? Source: online survey on 20.04.2020 in the APST network

Figure: Answers to the question ‘Which respiratory protection mask do you use: Mouth and nose protection, FFP2/FFP3 mask, self-made mask made of cotton? Multiple answers possible. Source: online survey on 20.04.2020 in the APST Network

Almost all medical supply stores and therapy practices use a respiratory mask (94%, n=97) in contact with patients. Of these, 64% use a mouth and nose protector, 46% wear an FFP mask and 44% use a self-made mask made of cotton. When answering the question about the type of respiratory mask, multiple answers were possible.

Figure: Answers to the questions ‘Do you wear protective gloves in contact with patients, do you wear a protective gown, do you wear protective goggles? Source: online survey on 20.04.2020 in the APST Network

Most network partners (79%, n=81) also use protective gloves for this purpose. Some of our partners also use protective gowns (25%) and protective glasses (11%).

The good response to our survey and the measures taken make it clear that the special requirements for patient safety are being met. Respiratory masks in particular are a high priority among the preventive measures and are used systematically. This protects in particular people with a particular risk of serious illness. We hope that these current data will help to alleviate some of your concerns about the risk of infection during the supply of medical aids and therapies.

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