New Assistive Technology and Devices Classification Software Is Going Live

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Since 2011, more than 76,000 provisions of assistive technology and devices have been coordinated and documented via the APST Internet platform. Approximately 9,000 patients as well as providers, relatives and science itself have benefited from our highly specialized and structured case management realized via a digital platform. Drawing on our experience in case management gained over the last few years we developed a new software version designed to further enhance the quality of assistive technology and devices data.

The new software version comprises the assistive technology and devices catalogue issued by the public health insurance companies (gesetzlichen Krankenversicherungen, GKV). This catalogue had previously not been included on our Internet portal. By linking our care processes with the GKV catalogue, it is now possible to classify each and every assistive technology or device provided with its unique product number and product name. We took this step to improve transparency for patients and providers and to collect more precise data for care research.

We are delighted to announce that as of Monday, June 3, 2019, a new software version (version 5.5.1) featuring the new assistive technology and devices classification and corresponding adjustments made to the respective module will go live. To make sure our care partners will get off to a good start in the use of the new software version we have issued a newsletter and video tutorials. These furnish our providers with step-by-step explanations on how to proceed with the most important aspects in the initiation and processing of a care process using the new assistive technology and devices classification.