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What APST delivers: Support in the provision of medication

Drug therapy represents a therapeutic key element. The modern organizational structure and electronic documentation offered by APST simplifies patient care for patients, doctors and pharmacists alike, and improves drug safety and treatment compliance.

The benefits APST offers in medication management

  • cross-sectional medication plan devised individually for each patient by all the attending doctors participating in the APST network
  • telephone counselling offered by pharmacists to patients, relatives and care professionals
  • nationwide door-to-door delivery of medication completely free of charge for patients

The benefits APST offers in medication management

Electronic medication management plan

On the internet portal patients and doctors may get a printable overview of the current and past medication on the patient’s individual electronic medication plan. Patients may furthermore rate the medication and services they have received and thus contribute to improving care processes as such.

Improvement of drug safety

APST cooperates with specialist pharmacies that offer a service hotline to patients in the APST care network. Patients, relatives, care professionals and doctors may furthermore receive counselling on current drug therapies. This service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 hrs. - 17:00 hrs. CET.

Personal contacts are pharmacists specialized in the medication issued to patients in the APST care network. They can clarify any issues with regard to medication intake and thus reduce any risks and adverse drug reactions.

Simple and quick medication supply

The APST medication management option offers patients free delivery of any medication they have been prescribed to their home so they do not have to go to the pharmacy themselves. The prescription is processed on the day of issue by the cooperating pharmacy. As all the partner pharmacists are specialized in the APST patient group, specific medication is always in supply or can be delivered promptly. Once the medication has been prescribed, repeat prescription orders can be placed via the telephone at the patient’s convenience

How can I participate in the APST medication management scheme?

To utilize the APST services, patients must fill in and sign the patient information and consent form for the APST scheme and associated data exploitation. The form is available from APST upon request.

Recording copayment exemption

Patients may use the services offered by APST free of charge. In line with German legislation, pharmacies are obliged to charge patients with public health insurance cover a supplementary amount for most medicines they receive and to forward the amount to the respective health insurance company. If you are not exempt from such copayment or have private insurance cover you will receive an invoice from the cooperating pharmacy.

The cooperating pharmacies in the APST care network offer the option of electronically recording the copayment patients have made and to inform them once they have reached the copayment threshold. Patients may then submit the respective document issued by the pharmacy to their public health insurance company for reimbursement.