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What APST delivers: Support in the provision of assistive technology devices

Based on the symptoms and complaints you present with your doctor will establish your individual need for assistive technology devices. This needs assessment will then be communicated to APST. APST will find suitable qualified providers of assistive technology devices with appropriate competencies. The objective pursued by APST is to coordinate patients and care partners.

Coordination of services delivered by APST in the provision of assistive technology devices

  • Coordination and documentation of the care needs
  • Coordination of suitable care partners for mobility aids, communication aids, orthotics and robotics
  • Coordination of care-related information and documents exchanged between doctors and care partners
  • Liaising and coordination among care partners

The APST procedure for assistive technology devices management

Care needs assessment

A patient is diagnosed with a specific disease and a specific severity. Following clinical assessment, the treating doctor will suggest a treatment concept. Based on the patient’s physical impairment the doctor will indicate the need for an assistive device (e.g. a wheelchair) to be provided to the patient. In a personal conversation, the doctor will advise and inform the patient of the need for a device or therapy and of any associated administrative steps to be taken.

Care needs coordination

Once a patient has read, understood and signed the patient information and consent form, they will commission an APST coordinator to organize their various care requirements and to contact a specialized care partner on their behalf. Following consultation with a doctor, the coordinator will be informed of the patient’s individual care needs and subsequently get in touch with the patient to gather more information on their personal living situation. Based on the needs assessment performed by the doctor and the patient’s social situation ascertained in the personal interview suitable care partners will then be contacted. In our example, a medical equipment and supplies store specialized in the supply of wheelchairs is contacted. As the various activities of the care partners involved are coordinated, there is a guarantee that the assistive technology devices actually meet the patient’s requirements and can be utilized to maximum effect.

Complementing standard care

APST Managed Care with technological support via the APST internet portal is embedded in the established standards of care. Responsibility for medical necessity and rentability of therapies, assistive technology devices and other medicinal products remains with the attending doctor. APST’s contribution is to act on behalf of the patient and contact a suitable provider who has been contracted by the patient’s health insurance company and is adequately qualified and experienced to see to the patient’s particular needs.