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What does APST offer when it comes to your supply with assistive devices?

Based on your symptoms and medical condition your physician determines your individual need of assistive devices. Thereupon APST will be notified of the specifications. Based on the specifications APST identifies adequate providers of assistive devices. APST’s aim in this scenario is to connect patients with adequate providers of assistive devices.

APST’s coordination services for the provision of assistive devices

  • coordination and documentation of the individual need for assistive devices
  • coordination of adequate providers of mobility aids, communications aids, orthotics and robotics
  • coordination of care relevant information and document handling between care providers and physicians
  • matching and fine tuning amongst different providers of care

How does APST Care Management function?

Determination of the need for an assistive device

The patient is being diagnosed with a disease at a certain progression. According to the clinical assessment the physician proposes a treatment concept. Based on the patient’s precise need the physician makes an indication for the supply with an assistive device, e g a wheelchair. During a patient physician consultation the patient is being informed of the need and the organisational steps involved with the supply.

Care needs coordination

The patient consents to a coordinator from APST organising the different supply tasks and to contacting a specialised care provider. After the patient physician consultation the coordinator will be informed of the specific need. The coordinator will then contact the patient and gather further information on the patient’s individual life situation and living environment. Based on the medical assessment and the patient’s social information adequate providers of assistive devices are being contacted. In our example contact will be made with a medical supply store specialised on wheelchairs. Matching and fine tuning the different providers of assistive devices warrants for the devices being good fits for the patient and an optimum of usability.

Complementing standard supply

Care management by APST with technological support of the internet platform is provided within the established standard care system. The attending physician’s responsibility for the necessity and economics of the assistive devices remains untouched. APST’s service consists of contacting an adequate provider of assistive devices, who has the necessary qualification, experience and a supply contract with the patient’s health insurer upon the patient’s instruction.