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What APST delivers: Support in the provision of therapeutics

APST supports patients in the Berlin and Brandenburg areas who are looking for a suitable physiotherapist and/or speech therapist. APST coordinates a network of therapy practices in the Greater Berlin Area.

The APST procedure for therapeutics management

A doctor establishes the indication for certain therapies, such as physiotherapy, and issues a prescription accordingly. In a subsequent step, the patient will commission an APST coordinator to identify a specialized therapy practice. Three key criteria apply in the process: the therapist(s) must be duly qualified to meet the patient’s special needs, the practice must be close to the patient’s home, it must offer the option of visiting and treating the patient at their home, if applicable, and have sufficient capacity to care for the patient. The coordinator will forward the care request and the doctor’s prescription to the therapy practice that will then get in touch with the patient to arrange an appointment.

The benefits APST offers in therapeutics management

We can identify three key areas in which patients benefit from coordinated physiotherapy and /or speech and/or occupational therapy provision by APST:

Specialist qualifications

The care partners in the APST network are all specialized in the treatment of neurological patients. Fundamentally, each fully certified therapist is allowed to treat neuromuscular diseases. However, in addition to completing the formal training pathway, daily experience in the treatment of neurological conditions is vital to the therapeutic quality a therapist can deliver. Therapists may also gain special expertise in the treatment of neurological and neuromuscular diseases by attending further training courses and observing neurologists and other medical specialists in their work

Prescription management

APST coordinates the prescriptions issued by doctors and forwarded to patients and providers. The standardization of issuing initial and repeat prescriptions and the keeping of electronic records on the APST portal results in the streamlining of the administrative tasks of doctors, patients and therapists. As prescriptions are processed electronically in the first place, the number of phone calls and associated disruptions to the daily routines in a practice and/or outpatient setting are reduced substantially.

Feedback on the treatment success

The feedback tool offered on the APST portal is an innovative way of monitoring and improving the quality of care and services. Patient ratings for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy enable therapists to evaluate the subjective benefit of the treatment they administer and detect any burdensome aspects. For patients, access to their personal electronic account is password secured. The electronic patient record captures any therapies currently being administered and offers the patient the option of rating the efficacy of each therapy he is receiving. Feedback is strictly confidential, a fact which distinguishes our platform from public physician and therapist rating and review sites.