Care management in the home visit – a model project

Since August 2022, our supply network has been using a so-called outreach care management established for people with ALS. In the model project, patients who require complex care but receive

High Patient Safety against Corona Virus in the Care Network

In order to prevent transmission of the corona virus and disease from Covid-19, it is useful to develop and implement prevention concepts in all areas of care. This is especially true for the

Bold Ideas on Jointly Shaping Assistive Technology and Devices Provision

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the participants in the APST Conference on Assistive Technology and Devices Provision on 15 Nov 2019. It was a highly interesting conference on

The Edaravone Management Program

In May 2017, the drug edaravone was approved for the treatment of ALS in the USA (trade name: Radicava™). With regard to Germany, single orders of edaravone may be imported via