Patient ratings

As part of our care network services, we provide patients and their relatives with web-based rating tools to assess assistive devices, medication, therapies, providers, therapists and physicians. Thus, APST facilitates the capturing of the patients’ individual needs before, during and after medical therapy. Patients are offered compact, structured questionnaires. Typical topics for rating are patient satisfaction with the care provided, satisfaction with and without medication, or individual symptoms, such as dysphagia or pain. By giving their feedback “online”, patients play a more active part within the Ambulanzpartner care network. The results are published as anonymized aggregates on the APST platform. Participation is subject to the following applicable rules:

Real data

Patients can only rate the very care provision and therapies they have actually received.

Verified criteria ratings

Patients can only rate care provision according to scientifically defined and verified criteria.

Constructive ratings

Ratings must comply with the principles of matter-of-factness and appropriateness.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

In severe or rare neurological disorders, the demand for specialized physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy is high. The therapy facilities listed on our network website have special expertise in the treatment of neurological patients. Patients rated the therapy facilities incorporated in our network as follows:

Physiotherapists (m/f)*
[min] out of [max] physiotherapy facilities were rated.
Occupational therapists (m/f)*
[min] out of [max] occupational therapy facilities were rated.
Speech therapists (m/f)*
[min] out of [max] speech therapy facilities were rated.

* Berlin and Brandenburg areas only

Medical supply and equipment stores and assistive devices providers

Assistive devices are carefully chosen and rendered to meet the personal needs of patients and their relatives. Following the principle of “as little as possible, as much as necessary”, assistive devices provision is guided by the patient’s individual disease course. Mapping out an individual concept of assistive devices provision for each patient is a key element of specialized patient care. Patients rated the medical supply and equipment stores incorporated in our network as follows:

Medical supply and equipment stores
[min] out of [max] medical supply stores were rated.

Home care and special care homes

APST supports patients and their relatives in their search for specialized care. We host a network of care facilities offering specialized outpatient, inpatient, (semi-) residential or day care as well as ventilator care. The listed institutions and services are specialized in care for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and stroke. Care providers were rated as follows

Special care homes*
[min] out of [max] Care homes were rated.
Outpatient care services*
[min] out of [max] outpatient care services were rated.

* Berlin and Brandenburg area only

Physicians (m/f), medical practices and outpatient clinics/departments

Due to the high complexity of severe neurological disorders it makes sense for physicians and care teams to complete a specialization in these medical fields. Our nationwide network comprises highly specialized neurological outpatient clinics/departments and medical practices. Physicians use APST to liaise with other medical professionals, perform data based research projects and enhance digital networking. Patients and relatives rated consultation with physicians as follows:

Physicians (m/w), medical practices und outpatient clinics/departments
[min] out of [max] Medical practices und outpatient clinics/departments with rating

Health insurance companies

APST works independently of health insurance companies, and access to the platform is available for both patients with public and private health insurance cover. The degree of quality of service and patient focus varies substantially among health insurers. For instance, the time allowed to process prescriptions or to approve assistive devices and rehabilitation measures can be quite different depending on which company you are dealing with. Patients may rate their satisfaction with their health insurance company:

Health insurance companies
[min] out of [max] health insurance companies were rated.

APST care network

In health care processes, Managed Care is the term used to describe the support given to patients in their search for suitable suppliers and care professionals and the assistance they receive in tasks of administrative and organizational nature. Ambulanzpartner is specialized in managed care for patients with complex neurological disorders. We get active when it comes to organizing the provision of specialized assistive technology, ventilation or medication therapy and other support required.

Care network
[min] out of [max] care network was rated.