The ALS app - orientation, care and research for people with ALS on their smartphone

Orientation: People with ALS go through different phases of the disease at different speeds. Precise information on the individual course of the disease is displayed in the ALS app to provide orientation for those affected, their relatives and doctors. The app shows you data on the course of your ALS function scale (ALSFRS), your progress marker Nf-L and your vital signs (BMI, SVC, PCF), which are important for treatment.

Supply: The ALS app offers you the possibility to communicate your supply needs for aids and medicines online to your ALS guides. You can initiate care processes from your smartphone or tablet, mobile and from home. You can use the ALS app to send important prescriptions, documents and photos to your providers, therapists and pharmacies.

Research: You can get the latest news about ALS research, treatment and care in the app via an automatic news history. The ALS podcast is integrated into the app and offers conversations with experts about ALS. With the ALS function scale and a speech analysis function, the app offers you the opportunity to participate in scientific research projects from home.

Advantages of the ALS app at a glance

Self-assessment of my disease progression
Description of my course of disease
Display of my progress marker Nf-L
News about ALS
ALS Podcast
Chronicle of my illness
Communication of my care needs
Coordination of my care
Search for suitable providers, therapists and pharmacies
Status query on the status of my care
Scan and upload recipes, documents and photos
Participation in research
Analysis of my speech and mimic

Only the following functions are currently only available via the web portal and not in the ALS app:

View my care related documents
Contact information of my providers, therapists and pharmacies
Contact details of my specialized physicians